TF-OSLM Call for Study Proposals 2023

MACB would like to inform you that the IFCC’s Task Force on Outcome Studies in Laboratory Medicine (TF-OSLM) is seeking research proposals for studies evaluating the impact of laboratory testing on healthcare outcomes.

Study proposals should seek to evaluate the clinical effectiveness and impact of new and/or commonly available medical laboratory tests and/or laboratory information on patient care outcomes in clinical practice. It is crucial for the proposed study to link the laboratory testing insights to patient management, and improvements/changes in clinical outcomes.

Strategic Objectives

1. To promote directed research evaluating the role of laboratory medicine on clinical outcomes

2. To build awareness and understanding with regards to the critical role laboratory medicine plays in healthcare outcomes


Release date: June 7, 2023
Application deadline: September 1, 2023 @ 11:59 PM EST
Award notification: November 1, 2023

Who is eligible to apply?

The grant funding seeks to reach out beyond traditional role-players in laboratory medicine and encourage applications from interdisciplinary teams, including, but not limited to clinical teams collaborating with the clinical laboratory.

At least one of the research participants must belong to one of the IFCC member organizations.

Categories of eligible recipients are individuals or teams from the following:

  • Clinical laboratory organizations
  • Universities and other academic institutions
  • Private or public health care facilities
  • Non-governmental organizations (NGOs)
  • Research institutes and think tanks
  • Private sector companies

Eligible recipients must have sufficient research, operational and administrative capacity to allow for professional and timely implementation of proposed projects. At the time the grant is awarded, the organization must have a capacity for competent fund administration and Institutional Research Board (IRB) review when applicable.

The TF-OSLM members and corresponding members are not eligible as the principal investigator but can be part of the research team.

 For further information please click to:

Please use the online form (, for any questions please email to at the IFCC office.