Guidelines and Procedures

1. Definition

The term “MACB auspices” refers to the MACB’s recognition of a professional event of high scientific and/or intellectual event

2. Introduction

MACB is dedicated to ensuring and fostering a global flow of information in Clinical Chemistry and all laboratory medicine disciplines, in which MACB supports the educational activities in a variety of ways to establish communication ties between clinical biochemists and physicians through highly qualified professional events.

With the above in mind, event organizers, either with or without MACB affiliation, frequently contact the MACB for assistance in promoting and supporting their event if the topics are directly relevant to the MACB’s activities. Thus, MACB is keen to provide whatever assistance it can to the success of high-quality scientific/educational events that will contribute to the awareness and appreciation of Laboratory Medicine and its contribution to the delivery of appropriate health care.

3. Purpose of MACB Auspices

The MACB is interested in granting its auspices primarily for scientific/educational event such as webinars, seminars, symposia, meetings, conferences and congresses which comply with these guidelines, in order to assist the organizing committees to promote their events widely and attract a large professional participation.

The granting of MACB Auspices, and its involvement in scientific/educational events enhancing the field of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine and the reputation of the MACB.

4. Purpose of Guidelines

These guidelines have been prepared to:

5. Eligibility for MACB Auspices

MACB auspices are available for high quality non-commercial scientific/educational events including webinars, seminars, symposia, meetings, conferences and congresses that are either:

MACB auspices are only available to the following organizations:

On occasion the MACB may invite an organization to apply for MACB Auspices.

6. Application Process

All relevant details of the scientific/educational events must accompany the application form.
Applications should be submitted as early as possible (two months) prior to event to enhance the promotional impact of the MACB.

MACB Auspices Application Form (MACB AAF/2021)

Applications must be submitted online to MACB using the form here

7. Approval of MACB Auspices

The MACB President with Council members will review the application and make a decision based on the excellence of the event. The MACB Secretary will inform the applicant of the decision in writing.

If the MACB’s auspices is approved, the applicants will be expected to acknowledge the MACB’s contribution to the success of the events in the official programme by providing a short report on the event to MACB.

8. MACB Support

Financial and Logistical Support

Publicity and Promotion

Scientific and Educational Programme

9. Obligations towards the MACB

Applicants for MACB Auspices must not make any claims for MACB support until written approval has been obtained. Once MACB Auspices have been granted the organizing committee has a responsibility to:

MACB Auspices: Guidelines and Procedures. June 2021