Corporate Member

RM500.00 / year

Pre-requisite for corporate members

  • Membership fees for the current year is to be paid before 31st Membership benefits will be withheld if no payment received.
  • Members application received after the month of November will be taken forward to the next year.
  • Each corporate member is required to appoint two (2) official representative. One (1) representative to be named for attending MACB AGM.
  • Any change in company representative, MACB council to be notified via email at
  • In case of any conflict of interest arises, please inform MACB council through our official email.


Corporate membership benefit

  • One (1) appointed* representative will be given free seat to attend annual MACB physical conference.
  • Member rates to attend MACB trainings will be given to both appointed representatives.
  • Discounts** for group participation and conference packages.
  • Logo in the MACB website linking to company website.
  • Individual page for each corporate member company-brief details in MACB website.


*   Representatives should be appointed by the corporate member company. Other staffs are not entitled to use the corporate membership benefits individually

** as per determined by organizing committee