Renew Your MACB Membership Plan


RM 50 / Annually

For active member with no outstanding membership fee.


RM 50 / Annually

For active member with no outstanding membership fee.


RM 100 / One Time

Just one time payment


RM 500 / Annually

For active member with no outstanding membership fee.

Associate Membership

Less than 2 years of working experience in related field.

Associate member cannot vote and hold position in council.

Ordinary Membership

Ordinary at least 2 years of working experience in related field.

Ordinary member can vote and hold position in council.

Fellow Membership

At least 10 years experience in related field.

Corporate Membership

Pre-requisite for corporate members

  • Membership fees for the current year is to be paid before 31st Membership benefits will be withheld if no payment received.
  • Members application received after the month of November will be taken forward to the next year.
  • Each corporate member is required to appoint two (2) official representative. One (1) representative to be named for voting eligibility in MACB AGM.
  • Any change in company representative, MACB council to be notified via email at
  • In case of any conflict of interest arises, please inform MACB council through our official email.


Corporate membership benefit

  • One (1) appointed* representative will be given free seat to attend annual MACB physical conference.
  • Member rates to attend MACB trainings will be given to both appointed representatives.
  • Discounts** for group participation and conference packages.
  • Logo in the MACB website linking to company website.
  • Individual page for each corporate member company-brief details in MACB website.


*   Representatives should be appointed by the corporate member company. Other staffs are not entitled to use the corporate membership benefits individually

** as per determined by organizing committee


Wait. How do I renew my MACB membership?

For active member just click the Renew Now button and follow the process. It is highly recommended you login with your account so that the system will capture your membership payment.

How do I get support for technical issue from MACB?

Please go to the Directory to check whether your name is listed on the MACB active member or not. If not then you membership is might be not active.

How di I activate my membership account?

All you need to do is clear the outstanding membership fee.

How to know my outstanding fee?

Please contact us with your details and we will provide you with invoice and login info.

How do I login into my account?

If you are an active members and first time login please request the password using the email provided during your the initial MACB membership application.
If you are not an active member please contact us for further action.

How do I pay my membership (or outstanding fee)?

you can either pay using online bank transfer to our bank account.
Persatuan Ahli Biokimia Klinikal Malaysia.
Account no: 80-0860845-9.
Please provide a copy of receipt and email it to or
Please include all the necessary details such as
1. Full name
2. ID number
3. Membership number
4. Payment for which year.
5. Other details.

or you can use the FPX payment system integrated in this website.
Request your invoice now and we will advise you the next step.