Date 2 December 2020
Time 1.30pm IN/ 3pm TH/ 4pm SG/ 5pm KR

In this webinar series on interpretative commenting,

A/Prof. Ken Sikaris applies the principles of how to interpret laboratory test results, to the many tests used to assess fertility.

Prof. Sikaris will firstly explore the age and gender related issues in defining fertility test reference limits. He will then present some of the most common cases, as well as their appropriate clinical interpretations and potential follow up.

About the Speaker:

  • Kenneth A. Sikaris, MBBS, FRCPA, FAACB is a Chemical Pathologist in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. He is an Associate Professor in the Department of Pathology at Melbourne University.
  • Dr Sikaris has been Chair of the RCPAQAP Chemistry and Key Incident Programs, and is an examiner for the AACB and the RCPA Faculty of Science. He has been Chair of the IFCC Committee on Analytical Quality, and a member of the IFCC Committee on Reference Intervals and Decision Limits


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