The APFCB CKD Task Force, as a committee, have created a questionnaire to assess the practices and current policies regarding CKD and AKI in your country.  A simple questionnaire has been designed seeking information about the methods used, reagent manufacturers for measuring creatinine, equations used for calculating eGFR, as well as reporting of eGFR. Regarding urine albumin, information on the types of samples used for measuring, units of measurement, reference interval and the terminology used are sought.  The task force also framed questions to know the current practice about AKI in the laboratory (AKI).
To start with, the APFCB CKD task force will be conducting the survey in South East Asian countries.

The questionnaire is in the form of multiple choice questions or simple answering questions. It might take 15 to 20 minutes to complete the survey.

We would appreciate, if you could circulate the questionnaire link to the laboratories in your country.  We have included the name of the institution/hospital in the questionnaire, but the identity of the laboratory will not be revealed.

The link for the questionnaire is

Survey Link