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IFCC Live Webinar: Expanding Newborn Screening Globally: Reducing Infant Mortality Through Early Diagnosis

November 1, 2020
Date Wednesday 4th November, 2020
Time 9 AM Toronto time, 3 PM European Time, 10 PM Beijing Time
Newborn screening (NBS) reduces infant morbidity and mortality by initiating early detection, treatment, and management of newborns with congenital disorders. Unfortunately, only about one third of infants around the world receive screening at birth, leading to significantly increased risk of disease during childhood and/or adulthood. The IFCC has made NBS a major focus of its strategic plans and presents this LIVE webinar where three world-renowned speakers will present on the state of newborn screening around the world including: Prof. Piero Rinaldo (USA), Prof. Jim Bonham (UK), and Prof. Pranesh Chakraborty (Canada). We invite all scientists, physicians, laboratory professional, corporate representatives and young scientists/trainees to join us in this important event which will be presented LIVE around the world. The webinar will conclude with a panel discussion. The webinar recording will be available for those unable to attend on the live date. Please ensure you register to attend the live event and have access to the recording.   Register Now Read More

Call for Nomination 2021-2023- IFCC Communication

October 27, 2020

Scientific Division

  • Executive Committee (SD-EC): Secretary position – time in office 2021-2023.
    Deadline to receive nominations: 10th December 2020. Download here.


Task Forces

  • New IFCC Taskforce on Global Newborn Screening (TF-NBS): a chair and 4 full members – time in office 2021-2023.
    Deadline to receive nominations: 30th October 2020. Download here.
  • New IFCC Taskforce on Global Lab Quality (TF-GLQ): a chair and 4 full members – time in office 2021-2023.
    Deadline to receive nominations: 30th October 2020. Download here.
  • New IFCC Taskforce on Global eLearning/eAcademy (TF-GEL): a chair and 4 full members – time in office 2021-2023.
    Deadline to receive nominations: 15th November 2020. Download here.


Education and Management Division

  • Member position on the Committee on Clinical Molecular Biology Curriculum (C-CMBC) for the term of office 2021-2023. 15th January 2021. Download here.


Congresses & Conferences (C-CC)

  • Full Member of C-CC for a three-year period commencing January 2021. 6th December 2020. Download here.

Applications for these positions should be submitted by IFCC members (National Societies or Corporate members). If you are interested, please refer to your National Representative or Corporate Representative for information on procedures for nominations. Find your representative HERE

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IFCC Live Webinar on Advancing Internal and External Quality Assurance on a Global Scale

October 11, 2020

At this international webinar the speakers will present on current challenges with Internal and external quality assurance in clinical laboratories around the world, the critical need for a new international strategy to support internal quality assurance and EQA in developing countries, and the IFCC’s strategic plans to develop a global program to support both iQC and EQA around the world.

Date Thursday 15 October 2020
Time Live presentations starting at 9 AM Toronto time, 3 PM European Time, 12 AM- midnight Sydney (Australia).

To register please click the button below

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IFCC Information Guide on COVID 19

March 28, 2020


Coronavirus disease 2019, abbreviated to COVID-19, is an emerging global pandemic caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). As the number of individuals infected with COVID-19 continues to rise globally and healthcare systems become increasingly stressed, it is clear that the clinical laboratory will play an essential role in this crisis, contributing to patient screening, diagnosis, monitoring/treatment, as well as epidemiologic recovery/surveillance.


The IFCC prepared an

Information Guide on COVID-19.

This guide aims to organize relevant available information on laboratory screening, testing protocols, diagnosis, and other general information on COVID-19 for laboratory professionals, including links to helpful resources and interim guidelines.

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Prof. Howard Morris

May 1, 2019

It is with great sadness that we announce to all MACB members the sudden death of Professor Howard Morris, President of the IFCC. He passed away on Thursday, April 18, 2019. MACB sincere condolences go to his wife, Mrs Helen Martin, to the family, to the Australasian Association of Clinical Biochemists (AACB) and to the whole community of Laboratory Medicine specialists in Australia.

Professor Morris was an accomplished medical scientist, educator and administrator. Above all, he was a gentleman and a professional in all that he did. He will be remembered for his many contributions to Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine worldwide, especially in the area of Vitamin D and bone metabolism.

He worked tirelessly on IFCC Committees including his most recent role as President of IFCC.

His passing is a great lost to all of us.

source from IFCC 

Read his short biography profile  here

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IFCC  Programmes For Personal Support

IFCC is promoting the availability of two programmes that provide one-to-one support to laboratory medicine specialist:

  • The IFCC Register of Experts
  • The IFCC Mentoring Programmes

These two programmes are being facilitated bt the IFCC Working Group for Personal Support (WG-PS). Details of the Programmes are available from: http://www.ifcc.org/ifcc-education-division/personal-support/